• A work of architecture should be read as a whole. It would be the result of the implementation of a system or group of systems to build and connect each of its parts. Nothing is accidental or random, both order and disorder have their compositional rigor that provide them of integrity. If there is no logic that produces unity, there is no sense in the object.
  • Architecture exists as far as it is inhabitated. A building is not complete if it is not used. In the same way, we can say the meaning of it is not only the one the architect imagines and proposes but also the one it acquires through the users. They are the ones who give identity, appropriating it and finding their place. The architect imagines, proposes a sense and reality returns another or the same but always revisited. Part of the richness of our discipline lies in the unavoidable unpredictability.
  • In these post - postmodern times, architecture along with other cultural expressions, has collapsed in front of the great temptations of consumption and advertising. It has lost its deeper sense. This was to think and build cities and spaces where to develop, in its full potential, all human activities. Accompanied the development of civilization, while showing a different and, in some cases, new understanding of reality. If we want to restore its wealth, its sense of transcendence and allow it to make a qualitative contribution to society, humanity must be rethought and we have to understand what kind of life we want to live. It is a great responsibility entrusted to us as architects.








Architect, Founder and Director
Arq. Javier Speziale

Architect, Founder and Director
Arq. Patricia Linares

Development of Real State

  • Development Definition

    The parameters that will compose the entrepreneurship are established, such as: type of business (sale or rent), typology (multi-family housing, offices, commercial shops, etc.), scale (magnitude of the investment), geographical location (incidence, means of transport, connectivity, security), target market (group to which the product is targeted), competition (existing offer), economic financial framework (type of financing).

    Land Search

    We define the sectors where to execute the search. We look for the terrain through different means and all options are analyzed. Simultaneously we verify the codification and urban indicators, evaluating the edibility and commercial possibilities that give each alternative according to use, density, fot, fos, withdrawals, prizes, etc.

  • Prefactibility

    Once the terrain is chosen, a project of feasibility is carried out, which is checked in the interventional municipality. A theoretical budget is developed to define the amount of the investment. The volume and type of sales is established according to the amount of meters or functional units to be marketed. The different options for legal, accounting assembly are assessed and entrepreneurship is clearly defined in all its fields.


  • Preliminary Sketch

    We studied the conditions of the terrain, the program of needs and all the concerns provided by the customer. We expressed the first ideas in plans and in an alectronic model.

  • Pre-Project

    With the idea of the building defined, a process is carried out by which, through successive proposals, corrections and meetings with the customer, we arrive to the final project. Graphic information is produced in plants, views, cuts, models, 3d pedestrian and aerial images.

  • Project Documentation

    Once completed the study of soil, surveying, altimetry of the terrain and having as base the pre-project, we incorporate the construction technology, the installations, the structure and we design all the details that define the building. This information would be held in a series of plans that will depend on the particular characteristics of the work. Here we list some as reference: plans of replanting of masonry, views plan, cutting plan, floors plan, plan of ceilings, structures plan, bending plans and structures calculation memory, sanitary installation plan, low voltage installation plan, very low voltage installation plan, heating installation plan, air conditioning installation plan, gas installation plan, carpentry detail plan, locals detail plan, stair detail plan, detailed plan of fixed furniture, plan of construction details, quotation form.

Construction Management

  • Municipal Aproval

    In head of a special manager we start with all the procedures necessary for the approval by diverse authorities according to the project (private district, municipality, provincial entities) and by extra entities (firefighters, service companies, etc).

  • Work Tender

    We analize the different types of building contracts, all included, by separate items or combinations of them. The scope of the contract is established, regarding materials, workforce and work time. Different building companies are proposed that by recommendation, background or previous experiences, are considered to be capacited to execute the work in time and form. Once received all requested quotations are analyzed, adjustments or clarifications are requested if they are necessary and, finally, the definitive selection is processed, with the subsequent signature of the contract between the committee and the building company.

  • Construction Control

    According to the scale and clomplexity of the work, the periodicity of the visits by the construction director is defined. It will be verified that the work is carried out according to the documentation and to the detailed plans in the project. The quality of the materials and workmanship used by the building company will be controlled, as well as the correct execution of the works and the fulfillment of the terms provided in the contract. All certifications and payments to the company will be carried out through previous approval and control of the construction director and the owner.

  • In the year 2014, our 10th anniversary, we published a book as a summary of our ideas and our work. We are delighted to share with you some of what we have learned in these years of study and professional practice.

    You can download the full and free version in PDF format at the following links.


  • During these 15 years, we project and direct works of diverse programs (houses, offices, factories, etc.) and multiple scales (from 220 sqm to 130,000 sqm). In this link you can see a summary of the highlights.