• Year:


  • Typology:


  • Scale:

    2600 sqm

  • Assignment:

    project and site management

  • Location:

    C.A.B.A, Argentina

  • Design Team:

    • Arch. Javier Speziale
    • Arch. Patricia Linares
    • Arch. Sebastian Cano
    • Arch. Agustina Braceras


In a neighborhood in the City of Bs. As., we propose a residential building with a contemporary language, simple, easy to build and therefore, efficient in times of work and economy of resources in general. In line with the latest housing projects that we carry out, in this one we also incorporate vegetation to the facade and to all outdoor spaces seeking to provide at least a small dose of nature for those who live in the city. Regarding functional / spatial design, we focus on offering architectural solutions to the needs of today’s life, both for private and social space. In this way, we propose compact units, with few bedrooms, with integrated spaces and a terrace with a large meeting space, pool and gym. The idea is that each one can develop to the maximum potential the individual or social activities associated with housing, and take advantage of the benefits offered by living in a multifamily building.