• Year:


  • Typology:


  • Scale:

    1150 sqm

  • Assignment:


  • Location:

    Neighborhood Los Castores- Tigre, Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Design Team:

    • Arch. Javier Speziale
    • Arch. Patricia Linares

Data Sheet

The house is located in a double plot that has an extended view to a lake. The typology of “comb” was used because of the proportions of the land and to have the best views in the main rooms. The circulatory axis was located to the front and all the rooms to the back. its morphology is simple, large-scale, solid and strong, but has ornamentation details that match with the style. The double height access extends to the living room, establishing a direct visual connection with the lake and becomes the circulator space of the house. The social area is located on the ground floor. On the first floor is the private area and finally, on the second floor, there is a fitness center with an indoor pool.