• Year:


  • Typology:


  • Scale:

    250 sqm cubiertos

  • Assignment:


  • Location:

    Exaltación de la Cruz, Pcia. Buenos Aires

  • Design Team:

    • Arch. Javier Speziale
    • Arch. Patricia Linares
    • Arch. Sebastian Cano
    • Arch. Agustina Braceras

Data Sheet

The project responds not only to the programmatic need to make a weekend house for the family, a guest house and a barbecue area with grill, but also proposes a communion between architecture and landscape. We project a series of buildings that colonize harmoniously all the lot, which is a forest. A path of tiles sew the complex and in its way are found various spaces to stay: children’s games, benches in the shade to contemplate, place for fire, pool.
The proposed architecture works with a synthetic and contemporary image but is warm in its materials and efficient in its construction components. The structure is resolved with a concrete plate and steel frame partitions.
We seek to project diverse spaces, interior or exterior, that contemplate the particularities of the place, dialogue with nature (vegetation / natural light / materiality) and can promote both shared and lonely moments, offering shelter and warmth.