• Year:


  • Typology:


  • Scale:

    230 sqm

  • Assignment:

    Project y Site management

  • Location:

    San Benito neighborhood, Prov. Bs. As., Argentina

  • Asesores:

    Engineer Martín Piana   (structure)

  • Design Team:

    • Arch. Javier Speziale
    • Arch. Patricia Linares
    • Arch. Guillermo Gauna
    • Arch. Arch. Matías Quintela
    • Arch. Arch. Agustina Acosta

Data Sheet

The root is a natural element that is in contact with the earth. Its morphology is defined according to the objectives and obstacles that finds in the way, which it wants to target or avoid. The client wanted his house to be in direct contact with the environment. We imagine, then, that it could act as a root. The palm three that was in the lot and the visuals to the bay were the initial premises for the implantation and its consequent volumetric composition. The use of slopes and courtyards was the complement for each place to have their own life.